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Kathy Carman


I am Kathy Carman, and I live with my husband in Stanwood, WA. We have three adult daughters, five grandchildren, three dogs and two goats. I attended Western Washington University where I played collegiate volleyball and in 1985, earned a BA in Family and Community Services with an emphasis in Child Development and Preschool Education and minored in Psychology. In 1994, I
became a licensed daycare home and then in 1998, opened my Arlington location, Smokey Point Daycare and Early Learning Center. After beginning our Early Achiever journey in 2017, we expanded to include ECEAP in 2019. I have a fundamental belief that children of all backgrounds and ability levels are entitled
to the same opportunities for participation, acceptance and belonging. Because I strongly believe that Early Learning is critical to our society as a whole, I am now pursuing opportunities to increase educational equity, and help overcome small
business obstacles in order to help stabilize the Early Learning industry.

Dana Christiansen

Kids Unlimited LLC

My name is Dana Christiansen and I am a Child care center owner in Clark County Washington. I have two locations both licensed for over 100 children. I live in Camas, Washington with my husband and three kids.

I am originally from Portland Oregon and attended Portland State University with a tennis scholarship. I graduated with a Child and Family studies degree in 1997. During college and immediately after, I worked for child protective services and realized very quickly that social work was not for me. I am passionate about issues that face children and thought that it would be rewarding to work directly with them in that capacity. I struggled everyday watching first hand what children have to deal with and vowed to someday be a foster parent , I still have that hope!

I have really been in the child care field my entire life , my father is the founder and CEO of Learning Tree Corporation and I spent my childhood watching him work! In 2000 I bought my first center in Eugene , Oregon licensed for 120 kids. Being 25 and an owner was difficult , I made a lot of mistakes but learned a ton! I love helping other owners avoid the same mistakes and become more profitable than they could otherwise. I do consulting work in the field and dream of expanding that part of my business. My favorite part of my career and my position at the WCCA is helping owners. These past few years have been particularly challenging and I love watching an owner succeed in this very unique field.

I look forward to getting to know members better and helping wherever I can!

Susan Brown

Kids Co.’s founder and CEO

Like many other working women I wear lots of hats…I’m mom to two incredible kids (now young adults), Kelby and Midori, I’m married to the love of my life, Jim, I have the incredible honor of being Kids Co.’s founder and CEO – and I’m a Husky. Beyond the hats that I wear, what I believe is most important that you know about me is that I am blessed beyond comprehension that I get to do the work that I love. Child care is my passion and Kids Co. is the result of decades of hard work, tenacity, and love.
In addition to my home and work responsibilities, I work tirelessly on behalf of the entire child care profession by fighting for regulatory reform, resources and respect.

Angelia Hicks


Angelia Hicks-Maxie is the CEO of the Tiny Tots Development Center (TTDC) in Seattle, Washington, a non-profit.  Tiny Tots was Founded by My Mother Helen Hicks in 1969 and it was her vision that created Tiny Tots.  I grew up working in Tiny Tots alongside my Mom and at times was a School age staff at the age of 12  

Tiny Tots Development Center is licensed by the State of Washington and is a City of Seattle contracted site.  TTDC is an authorized provider of the State’s Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) and one of the first sites selected for the City of Seattle’s New Preschool Program “Steps Ahead.”  Which is now the Seattle Preschool Program Both programs deliver comprehensive services to low-income 4 year olds and their families.
TTDC serves as many as 350 children annually, providing free, sliding scale, and fee-based preschool, infant care, and before and after school care for school-aged children: at 6 site locations in South Seattle.  In June 2022 we look forward to opening our New Center in Partnership with Children’s Hospital and Odessa Brown Clinic.  Tiny Tots Othello is a Tribute to Helen Hicks.  I am most proud of the Fact that we raised $4.2 Million Dollars to complete the project. 

Laura Murphey

Owner of Taylor Tots Childcare Center Inc

My name is Laura Murphey, owner of Taylor Tots Childcare Center Inc., which operates two locations in Yakima, WA.   Yakima is my hometown and where I have lived my entire life.  I first entered the childcare industry as a home provider in 1996 and completed my ECE teaching certification in 1998 at Yakima Valley Community College.  In 1999 I opened my first location and within a few years expanded to two locations.  

My passion is helping all children regardless of their medical, behavioral, or developmental needs.  My staff and I work well with wrap-around services to be able to be a very inclusive early learning facility that goes above and beyond to meet children where they are at and help them progress in a developmentally appropriate way .  Educating myself, learning, and growing with an open mind is my passion.  

Making a positive difference in the lives of children, families, and my staff members is the focus of my mission in advocacy.  I have a husband, three children, a bonus step-son, and three grandchildren,