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WCCA Legislative Progress

WCCA Legislative Wins

  1. Background check group – last legislative session had win. WCCA helped support
  2. Provider Supports from DCYF
  3. Helped with the Fair Start for Kids Act
  4. Helped with formation of DCYF oversight committee
  5. Helped with Professional Development Competencies
  6. Helped subsidy go up from 35% – 85%
  7. Helped with eligibility for teen parents
  8. Helped with Health Insurance through Cascadia
  9. Formation of Child Care Collaborative Task Force
  10. Pushed for Licensing Subcommittee
  11. Raised Eligibility so there is not a cliff
  12. Helped with Direct Grants to Providers

Bills from re. Child Care

  1. HB 1872, SHB 1872 2021-22
  2. Establishing the care worker center to promote caregiving professions. (Care workers, care worker center, establishing)
  3. E2SSB 5237 SB 5237 – 2021-22
  4. (Child care industry and early childhood development programs, fair start for kids act)
  5. Expanding accessible, affordable child care and early childhood development programs.
  6. Prenatal to three, strengthening supports in multiple ways
  7. Working connections program, eligibility/copayment, and student parents
  8.  SB 5115– 2021-22
  9. Establishing health emergency labor standards.(Emergency child care leave for employees, employers meeting requirements for, tax credits)
  10. HB 1278 2021-22
  11. Suspending certain licensing requirements for child care providers. (Licenses, for providers, professional development/higher education requirements, suspending)
  12. HB 1278 2021-22
  13. Licenses, for providers, waiving fees for, when (Suspending certain licensing requirements for child care providers)
  14. HB 1549 2021-22
  15. Concerning child care licensing assistance. (Licenses, prospective agency licensees, licensure assistance for)